After-School Activities at Bayard Rustin 2019-2020

Look out for the full list of after school activities that will be available this Fall on the school and PTA website in the next few weeks.

In addition to the school’s after-care provider, Kids After Hours (KAH), this year MCPS will allow after school activity vendors and other community groups to book space at school. We want to thank KAH for offering some after school activities last year when rooms were not available.

Activity flyers from vendors will also be distributed via backpacks in mid-September. We are expecting a wide array of activities to be available!

Most vendors will be begin registering students for activities at the start of the school year. Most activities will start in late September/early October. Stay tuned for more information!

*Please note the school and the PTA are not coordinating or sponsoring any after-school activities or vendors.