Fun Run - Racing our way to a great fundraiser!

Fun Run was a running success! Every classroom got to run laps around the field, jumping over hurdles, dashing through the tire obstacles, and just having fun.

Annotation 2019-10-22 093539.png

It’s not too late to contribute to the Fun Run! Checks and cash will be accepted through Friday, Nov 1st. Please send in envelopes to your child’s homeroom teacher. Online donations can be done until Nov 2nd. After this point, we’ll decide our winning classrooms for the block party (one class per grade level) and for the chance to egg all staff, including Mrs. DuBois, Mrs. West and Mr. Lightman.

Thanks to the BRES community for your support and for those who volunteered on the day of the Fun Run to ready the field. Special thanks to VP of Fundraising, Cindy Chung, and VP Programs, Lok Samson, for their leading efforts for our biggest fundraiser of the year. 

Fun Run Page for last minute donations here (Until Nov. 2)