BRES 2019 Fun Run

- a Fundraising 


Early registration for Fun Run has been extended from today to Friday Oct 18 - it’s not too late to register now and get a unique orange and teal blue school wristband with the fox logo and “I love BRES!”

BRES Fun Run Progress

We're aiming to raise $7,500 So far we've raised $8675

$0 $7,500

All students will participate in the Fun Run on October 25th – it’s a fun way promote a healthy lifestyle to our students. 


The PTA is hoping to raise $7500 this year from the Fun Run to support reimbursement of classroom teacher supplies, cultural and science school assemblies, playground shades & the school’s wish-list. We are using Get Movin’© to help us raise funds with their online technology. 

Please help us reach our fundraising goal by supporting the PTA’s major fundraiser of the year in this year’s Fun Run Fundraising Egg-stravaganza! 

Complete 3 Easy Steps Online to Raise Funds

Parents can help register their child to create a Get Movin’© fundraising web-page. The webpage is an easy way to email friends and families for support and post to social media. 

Register now – all student registrations by 10/18/2019 will get a Fun Run wristband!

  1. Create a Get Movin’ Fundraising Page for your Child at 

    1. Enter School Identifier: 5d7927bc83bd8

  2. Email and/ or Text your child's fundraising webpage to 10-15 friends and family. 

  3. Then Post on Facebook or Twitter - You'll be surprised when donations come in from distant relatives/friends when they hear about your child’s Fun Run.  

Our School Fundraising Goal is $7500.00

Check our progress on the Fun Run Fundraising Thermometer posted on the school wall.

If we reach: 

$4000 – Mr. Lightman gets egged (supports reimbursement of teacher supplies)

$6000 - Mrs. West get egged (additional $2000 supports cultural and science assemblies)

$7500 – Mrs. Dubois gets egged (additional $1500 raised will go towards playground shades and the school’s wish-list)

    • Early student registrations by 10/14/2019 will get a Fun Run wristband

    • Each student is encouraged to raise at least $25.00 to reach our school’s fundraising goal

    • Block Party for the highest fundraising classroom in each grade (K-5) hosted by the principals – kids will enjoy outdoor chalk, music, bubbles, popcorn etc.

    • The three top fundraising classrooms will also get to have some “egging” fun.

Fun Run – October 25, 2019:

  • Parent volunteers needed to help with the run and obstacles. 

  • Final Donations by: Friday, 11/01/2019 midnight

  • Online donations can be made through your child’s GetMovin’ webpage

  • A donation envelope will be provided to all students on the day of the Fun Run for any additional cash/check donations. 

    • Please make checks payable to: BRES PTA and send to homeroom teacher.

Please sign up here to help the Fun Run at

Visit our School Fun Run Page for Classroom updates here!